Upcoming Festivals Families Will Love  


The festival season is upon us in the Moreton Bay Region which means endless things to do with kids! Gather the family for a daytrip from Brisbane for some family fun events you won’t soon forget.

The Amazing Humpback Whale Migration  


When the winter chill starts to merge on the southern hemisphere, over 25,000 humpback whales will make their way up the eastern coast of Australian in search for warmer waters.

Epic Hiking Trails near Brisbane over 10km  


Time to strap on your hiking boots, slap on some sunscreen and fill up your water bottle, the Moreton Bay Region has a challenge for you.

Top 6 Outdoor Activities & Nature Play Ideas  


Set within the great outdoors, enjoy these nature-play ideas in the Moreton Bay Region.

Meet our Humpback Whales  


Did you know, whales only follow one migration path their entire lives! That means, each year we get to say "G'day" to some old friends, easily identified by their unique markings and colour.

The Singing Humpback Whales  


On land, it might be a bird that comes to mind when thinking of an animal that sings, but in the ocean there’s a huge, spectacular animal and that is the Humpback Whale.

Magical Humpback Whale Rainbows  


Did you know that humpback whales can make their own rainbows! Whilst some may believe it is water that they’re spurting out of the blowhole, it’s actually something else entirely. READ MORE!

Big, Beautiful, Baby Humpback Whales  


Humpback mothers are loving and attentive, it’s a once in a lifetime experience to see the mothers with their babies. Which makes you wonder, what do we really know about the majestic youth of the sea?

5 Fun Facts about Humpback Whales  


Humpback whales are stunning and fascinating sea creatures and there’s so many incredible facts that come along with them for kids to learn. KEEP READING!

An exciting new Chef at Sebel - Margate Beach  


Get excited foodies! The Sebel Brisbane Margate Beach has welcomed an enthusiastic and wildly experienced new Chef, Michael Harris.

Anzac Day: Operation Slipper  


While different people and families may celebrate this day in their own special ways, Redcliffe RSL is hosting an event to honour our soldiers. The particular theme of this event will be focused on Operation Slipper.

Moreton Bay Region 2019 Sporting Events  


Pack your workout gear and head to the gym to prepare yourself for these upcoming sporting events in the Moreton Bay Region. From triathlons to World Championships or a simple fun run you can dance your way through, there’s something for everyone.