Samford Arts Trail: A Look Into the 2019 Program

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Are you a creative soul? Do you enjoy deciphering the hidden meanings behind a piece of art? Are you looking for artistic inspiration? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Samford Arts Trail is where you need to be.

If you’re looking to get creative this June, Samford Arts Trail is your inspiration. Put together by Creative Samford Inc., the Samford Arts Trail (held each weekend from June 1 - 23) is dedicated to showcasing local artistic works, developing the lively creative arts community and establishing Samford as a thriving art scene. From workshops with Moreton Bay Region local artists to gallery visits, you can learn your style or purchase a unique piece of art.

Art, Food, Wine Tour

As part of the 2019 Samford Arts Trail program, you can hop on a bus to explore the Samford region, participate in workshops and meet local artists. The Art, Food, Wine Tour will showcase the splendours of the Samford and Surrounds Art Trail, as wells as some of the best food and wine tasting near Brisbane. This foodie tour is the perfect way to spend a Saturday and features some of the best food, art and wine you’ll find in the Moreton Bay Region. The tour will be filled with artist studio tours, galleries, artist talks, shopping opportunities, amazing food and, of course, excellent wine.

This tour will take place on June 8, 2019. Pick-ups start from 7 am.

Samford Arts Trail Moreton Bay Region


Creative Samford Inc. want their town to be seen the way they see it - a creative and fun place for budding artist to share their work and for eager art enthusiasts to swim in a sea of unique masterpieces. One of the things they offer at the Samford Arts Trail – which is open for the public to join in on – is artistic workshops. You can choose from:

Each of these fun workshops are held by talented artists, so no matter what you want to do you will be in good hands and taught the right skills.

Samford Arts Trail 2019 Christa Coetzee


Along the trail and in the workshops, you’ll meet and learn from local artists including Christa Coetzee and Ann Russell. Both have differing styles yet have made a name for themselves in the wider artistic community.

Christa Coetzee

An exceptional artist, Christa Coetzee can paint with using just about anything, so it seems fitting that one of the workshops she hosts is Stick Drawings. Although, you won’t be asked to simply pick a stick up off the ground, what will be given instead, are hand crafted, organic and up-cycled drawing instruments. Christa also teaches a second workshop – The Contours of our Country – focused on enjoying art alongside a journey. It’s about finding a view and getting creative with it.

Samford Arts Trail 2019 Ann Russell Bunya

Ann Russell

Another talented artist, who focuses on a technique that might be more familiar to you, is Ann Russell. In her workshop Introduction to Watercolour, you’ll learn a timeless way of creating art using easy techniques and beautiful colours. At the end of the workshop, you’ll walk away with your finished painting feeling proud of your accomplishment.

The Little Tree Brew House

If you’ve got your creative juices flowing and want more to do, there’s still plenty of other workshops you can participate in along the Samford Arts Trail. If you think you’ve exhausted all your creative energy, why not refuel or just enjoy a picturesque place to sit down, relax and have a bite to eat at The Little Tree Brew House. Not only are they passionate about food, but the environment too. All their organic waste is recycled, and their packaging is all compostable.

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