Australia Zoo

Australia Zoo, located one hour north of Brisbane on the Sunshine Coast, was made famous by the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin. With lots to see and do for the whole family, the 105 acre zoo is the most interactive conservation destination on the planet!

Get up close and personal with incredible animals including native marsupials such as koalas, wombats and kangaroos. Check out giraffes, rhinos, zebras, cheetahs and the new meerkats in the African Savannah. Encounter majestic tigers and red pandas in South-East Asia. See free-roaming ring-tailed lemurs, giant Aldabra tortoises, colourful macaws and more animals on Bindi's Island!

Don’t miss the daily Wildlife Warriors show to watch a saltwater crocodile strike from the water’s edge, and explore the world’s busiest Wildlife Hospital, where you can watch vets saving endangered Australian animals.

Day-Trip Highlights

The Crocoseum: Zookeepers and their amazing animals invite you on a swooping, slithering, jaw-snapping adventure of epically wild proportions! Each day the Crocoseum tackles worldwide animal protection and conservation issues.

Tiger Temple: Home to the majestic Sumatran and Bengal Tigers, come along and see the big cats in action.

Farmyard Feeding: Check out the Kids Zoo to pat and feed baby animals.

Roo Heaven: Hop over to hand feed kangaroos to your heart's content!

Pat A Koala: Visit the Koala Walkthrough to pat a cuddly koala, or spot the Australian icon dozing in the Eucalyptus branches.

Croc School: Learn all about Steve's crocodile research and his passion for these amazing reptiles.

Bindi's Island: Discover Bindi’s tropical island, home to her three-storey treehouse with views of ring-tailed lemurs, macaws, and alligator snapping turtles among other species.

Roving Wildlife: Meet some of the roving animals such as baby alligators, talking cockatoos and sweet-natured wombats.

Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital: Head into the state-of-the-art wildlife hospital to watch the team of vets save precious lives.

Africa: Step on board the FREE Africa Safari Shuttle to experience the only giraffe and zebra in Queensland. While on safari at the zoo’s open-range savannah, keep your eyes peeled for the growing rhino herd and wandering cheetah!

Zookeeper for a Day: You’ve seen the sights and been delighted by the live-action shows – why not become a part of the action for yourself by participating in the exclusive Zookeeper for a Day Program? The program, run especially for kids, is on throughout the school holidays, and extended at certain times of the year for interstate budding zookeepers.

What’s On - Australia Zoo Events

Visitors can regularly check the Australia Zoo Event Calendar to coordinate their visit with a special event such as a rare croc feeding session carried out by Terri and Robert, or a unique kids school holiday zoo activity.

Did You Know? – Wildlife Hospital

Australia Zoo runs one of the world’s largest and busiest on-site wildlife hospitals, out of which operates the Australia Zoo Rescue Unit. The rescue unit collects injured, sick and orphaned native animals which are reported within South East Queensland via the 24-hour Wildlife Emergency Hotline: +1300 369 652.

Other initiatives include the koala research program, east coast grey nurse shark conservation, a Crocodile Research division operating in partnership with Wildlife Warriors and the University of Queensland (UQ). Plus, numerous other conservation initiatives run across the world ranging from protecting the destruction of Cambodian elephant habitats to funding training for Sumatran tiger protection, along with conservation efforts combating poaching.

Help Keep Australia Zoo’s Conservation Efforts Going

Steve Irwin envisioned a world where people and wildlife could live harmoniously alongside one another. Wildlife Warriors Worldwide Ltd conservation projects support this vision, helping to protect Australian wildlife and their environments.

You can play your part in ongoing animal conservation efforts by donating to the Wildlife Warriors, or get on-board Australia Zoo’s Adopt an Animal program, which helps to fund endangered species breeding programs, wildlife exhibits and essential rehabilitation programs.

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