Tangalooma Premium Dolphin Feeding Day Cruise with Whale Watching

Tangalooma Island Resort

Looking for a fantastic North Brisbane day trip? Have a Moreton Island day trip experience, with wild whale watching and Tangalooma dolphin feeding. Explore the Tangalooma Island Resort and see the magnificent humpback whales as they pass through Moreton Bay before finishing off with the highlight – meeting and feeding a family of wild dolphins. Watch these playful and quirky animals play in the shallows before coming up to be hand-fed by you! So treat yourself to this unique island adventure and book now!

Tangalooma Island Resort offers the perfect experience

Want to enjoy both whale watching and Tangalooma dolphin feeding? Your Moreton Island day tour and cruise includes:

  • Return boat transfers from Holt St Wharf, Brisbane.
  • Day pass access to the resort.
  • Full use of resort facilities including pools, restaurants and bars.
  • 1 standard beverage on the boat transfer (tea, coffee, soft drink or water).
  • Whale Watch Cruise (3 hours).
  • Light lunch on board the whale watch cruise.
  • Eco Ranger experiences.
  • 'Discover the world of Dolphins' presentation at the Eco Centre.
  • Access to the dolphin feeding program for the wild dolphin feeding experience.
  • Dolphin feeding photo (digital copy).
  • Access to the day lounge.

During the Day: Whale Watching Tour

Aside from the family of bottlenose dolphins, Moreton Island’s most famous visitors are the 18,000 humpback whales that pass by from June to October every year. With a global population of 80,000, these stunning creatures have fought back from the edge of extinction. See these handsome animals as they migrate over 10,000 kilometres north from Antarctica to the subtropical waters of the Great Barrier Reef to breed. The eco commentary will tell you everything you need to know about humpback whales and other local Moreton Bay sea life, such as dugongs, rays, and turtles. Relax on the specially-designed catamaran as the tour leads you to these temporary locals to the Moreton Bay Region.

Make sure you keep up to date on details with Tangalooma Island Resort’s What’s Up Guide. Book now for your guaranteed sightings of these graceful giants!

During the Night: Premium Dolphin Feeding Day Cruise

Moreton Island is one of the few destinations in the world where visitors interact with native wildlife in their natural environment. The island’s most beloved locals are undoubtedly the family of wild bottlenose dolphins who visit the shores each evening to be hand-fed by resort guests. The Tangalooma dolphin feeding experience is special because of how close it brings you with nature. Tangalooma Island Resort offers the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to feed these friendly animals by hand while learning about the efforts to protect and care for these animals.

Meeting these gentle, playful creatures is a memory you will cherish forever. For a truly unique encounter with these beautiful animals, make sure to book now!

Departure times for your Moreton Island cruise adventure

Departing from Brisbane (Holt St Wharf): 7.00am or 10.00am

Departing from Tangalooma Jetty: 7.00pm Guests must return to Brisbane on the 7pm launch from Tangalooma.

Why relax on Moreton Island?

Home to over 1,200 diverse species of Australian birds, animals, fish, and plants, Moreton Island is the third-largest sand island in the world. This idyllic island retreat north from Brisbane is a secluded gem with gorgeous beaches and stunning bayside views. With a soft bayside breeze trickling through the trees, past the beautiful wildflowers and through hidden creeks and lagoons, Moreton Island is a natural getaway. Keep an eye out for kangaroos and wallabies on the land, or dugongs and turtles in the water, and make sure to listen out for the calls of sulphur-crested cockatoos. This diverse ecosystem offers an authentic Australian experience for the whole family.

About Tangalooma Island Resort

Tangalooma Island Resort is a tranquil haven just a 75-minute catamaran cruise from Brisbane. Based on the picturesque Moreton Island, Tangalooma is the ideal Aussie nature escape for guests looking for a memorable experience. The resort’s educational and nature-based experiences right on Brisbane’s doorstep are unforgettable. Make sure to book your Moreton Island day trip now!

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