Brooching the Subject

Brooches and pins have long been used to promote a message, be it declaring an allegiance, a protest or a cause. They are powerful visual accessories that complement verbal communication. Former Secretary of State, Madeline Albright, was known for using her brooches as diplomatic accessories, once wearing an arrow pin to a meeting about nuclear arms with Vladimir Putin. In addition to asserting a stance, brooches also foster a sense of belonging. They can signify membership to social clubs and organisations, creating an instant sense of unity with fellow members.

In Brooching the subject, jewellers and artists alike use their pieces to make a statement. These objects, through their design, are communicative tools to start conversations about certain topics or causes that the artist feels passionate about. Artists in this exhibition utilize brooches as effective statement pieces, worn to draw attention, even better if they start a discussion.

Image credit: Lexi de Cora, Tactile Connections series 2 of 3 (detail), 2017. 925 silver and wood. Courtesy of the artist.

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